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5 SEO Best Practices In 2019

5 SEO Best Practices In 2019

As we have entered the new year, let us take a look at a few SEO trends which can help you in optimizing your website for search engines in 2019!

1. Create and Follow Your Own Trend 

There is an important factor in SEO- the more crowded the field, the harder it is to be noticed on search engines. If you want to rank higher in the SERPs, then it is better to look beyond your competitors and seek out new topics which have not been explored yet. Your job is to find that strong spot where you can confidently offer content before your competitors in the market. By the time they come on the board, your page will already be indexed on the first page and you will be having an established authority.

2. Try Featured Snippets

Everybody loves the featured snippets which are those handy text boxes which pop up when we search and provide prompt answers on our questions without needing to click any link. Snippets are becoming a particularly important factor of the UX as convenience becomes the norm and mobile and voice searches become prominent.

3. Kill Your Zombie Pages

Every website has a few zombie pages, and they are not always a big deal. but if your website has a lot of them, then it can be detrimental for your SEO. Zombie pages bloat your sitemap with a number of pages that Google deems low-quality because they do not earn any traffic or engagement. Kill these pages where necessary, by setting your results pages to “no-index” and repurpose content as needed. Doing this will be beneficial for your SEO.

4. Cluster Your Content

Topic clusters are a brand new SEO tool that a number of sites have never yet used. Search engines are changing their algorithms in order to favor content structured this way. So you also need to get hold of this trend in 2019 to optimize your website.

5. Be Ready for Voice Search

The importance of voice search for SEO in 2019 is no surprise. According to a study, 20 percent of queries made on mobile apps are now voice-based. Also, the voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home are becoming more popular.

Here are some tips to get ahead in the video search:

  • Optimize your content to align with the type of queries which you hear in the voice searches.
  • Research on long-tailed keywords which reflect how users actually speak
  • Make sure your pages are quick loading
  • Prioritize long-form content

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