High speed internet

High-speed internet for rural America

High speed internet

High-speed internet for rural America

High speed internet

High-speed internet for rural America

Is your home or workplace in an area with little to no internet?

You can now connect to the web in rural areas that lack traditional internet service providers.

The solution is high-speed internet using 4G LTE.

High speed internet that works where you work

Stay connected to the web in areas you couldn’t before!

With the growth and speed of 4G LTE networks nationwide, SPARK Services can now help homes and workplaces in rural areas connect to the web wirelessly.

Connect wirelessly

Connect all your devices wirelessly with the MoFi LTE modem. An outdoor mounted antenna can further help extend and stabilize your signal. The better the signal, the better your speeds.

Faster than satellite

Experience download speeds between 10 – 50 Mbps (with burst up to 75 Mbps on the LTE Networks). No laggy or interrupted connections during poor weather conditions either.

No data caps or overage fees

Provide web browsing and streaming video to the whole family or workplace without worrying about reaching any data limits.

How it works

Similar to how today’s smartphones receive data, SPARK Services High Speed Internet utilizes the 4G LTE data connections sent from local area cellular towers to connect your home or business.

A single LTE modem router can support up to 32 wireless devices at once; an optional antenna can be installed for even greater range. There’s no need to install phone lines.

The Package Contents:

  1. 4GAS Basic Modem or MoFi LTE (Premium) Modem with SIM card preinstalled
  2. Outdoor Yagi 10dbi directional antenna (Optional for low coverage areas)
  3. AC 12V 1A Power Adapter (Optional for in-vehicle use)
  4. 1 ft. Ethernet Cable (provided upon request only)
  5. Instruction Manual can be downloaded or provided upon request

MoFi LTE modem

Outdoor Yagi 10dbi directional antenna

Plans and Pricing

Everything you’ll need to connect your home or business to the web:

1. Equipment & Installation

Basic LTE Modem/Router $175.00Antennas with mount & up to 50’ cable $75.00

Installation & Setup $125.00

2. High-Speed 4G LTE Internet Service

3. Optional Add-ons


Cloud Management System

  • $8.00/month 1st computer
  • $5.00/month additional computers

Microsoft Office 365

Includes Email, Outlook, Word, Excel, Access & Publisher.

  • $15.00/month install on up to 5 computers

Safe DNS

Safe Internet Browsing for your family or kids.

  • $10.00/month

Premium Email

  • $6.00/month per user

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