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High-Speed Rural & In-Town Wireless Internet Available Virtually Anywhere!

Simple Startup! Plug it in and go!

Wireless Unlimited Internet services now on ALL major carrier networks! Simple DIY installation! US based live phone support!
Starting as low as $80/month
  • No Contract
  • No Credit Checks
  • Easy Self-Install
  • No Throttling
  • Stream Your Favorite Shows
  • Play Online Games
  • Video Conference 
  • Remote Work
  • Speeds up to 300mbps
  • RV Ready
  • Works Virtually Anywhere
  • 4K Streaming

Nationwide True Blue 5G / 4G

Regular Price 109.99. Back to School Sale with locked in price.


Nationwide Neon Pink 5G / 4G

Regular price 99.99. Back to School Sale with locked in price .


Nationwide Ultra Red 5G / 4G


SPARK Orange BYOD 4G LTE Most Devices


High Speed 4G LTE and now 5G Internet that Works Where You Work

Stay connected to the web in areas you couldn’t before!
With the growth and speed of 4G & 5G LTE networks nationwide, SPARK Services can now help homes and workplaces in rural areas connect to the web wirelessly.

Connect Wirelessly

Connect all your devices wirelessly to the LTE modem and stay connected.

Faster Than Satelite

Experience download speeds between 3 to 100 mbps (with burst up to 150 Mbps on the LTE Networks). Our average latency is around 41ms.

Quality Customer Support

Call our friendly US based support to receive quality customer service in a timely manner.

Connect Wirelessly

Connect all your devices wirelessly to the LTE modem and stay connected.

Faster Than Satelite

Experience download speeds between 3 to 100 mbps (with burst up to 150 Mbps on the LTE Networks).

Quality Customer Support

Call our friendly US based support to receive quality customer service in a timely manner.KDP

How SPARK Rural 5G and 4G LTE Internet Works

Similar to how today’s smartphones receive data, SPARK Services High Speed Internet utilizes the 5G or 4G LTE data connections sent from local area cellular towers to connect your home or business.

A single LTE modem/router can support up to 20 wireless devices at once; an optional antenna can be installed for even greater range. There’s no need to install phone lines, fiber cables, or ethernet cables.


SPARK Services

4.6Out of 5 stars

Overall rating out of 320 Google reviews

Shawna Moore
22 hours ago

It’s been really hard to get any kind of service where we live, I am so thankful I found spark internet. I am able to run multiple devices on it and have had no problem at all.

Jose Heredia
2 weeks ago

So far so good. No issues. Thank you.

2 weeks ago

Spark Services repaired my laptop to working condition. Fair price.

Caleb Winstead
3 weeks ago

Do you live in a rural area? Look no further! My family moved from the city with high speed internet to the country with no internet. After being told NO for 3 months living in our new home that internet that would be good for streaming and gaming was not available we found Spark Services. They gave us hope, and over the top customer service. My advice to you if you’re reading this. Save your time and choose Spark!

Jason Price
a month ago

After my free 2 week trail I’m excited to say we’re at home sparking away!!

Brenda Peacock
a month ago

So helpful and kind. Product received very promptly. Would and have recommended this company to others.

James Pesch
5 months ago

Ordered the True Blue package on 4/3/23 and received my router on 4/6. It was extremely easy to set up in less than 5 minutes. I have lived in my current home for 23 years and have had no access to home internet the whole time. Satellite was the only option, but the costs were too high. Sparks Services was my answer! I now have wifi, so I can stream TV shows, connect my smartphone, etc. I have been using my service for 5 days now and have had no issues! I highly recommend Sparks Services' home internet to anyone looking for service in a rural area.

Jason Wells
4 months ago

I live in very rural Mississippi, and I stumbled across Spark by chance, and I do not regret that decision. I have the Blue plan, which is 110 a month. A bit pricey, but worth it. It runs off of cell networks, and I did pay extra for the modem with external antenna capabilities as I needed to do it living in the woods. It arrived when expected, with a bag of skittles! The staff are beyond helpful and US based. when you call, you will talk to an American! I currently run a smart tv, three smartphones. a tablet, ps4, laptop, printer, lightbulbs, Amazon echo, and three cameras. The only lag I have experienced has been with running all of the above, my PS4 will sometimes lag with online games. I am very happy with them, and would recommend them to anyone.

John Uland
5 months ago

My my order was processed and shipped the same day I placed the order. The staff is very friendly knowledgeable and helpful, and when you call you don’t have to fight with an automated service to reach an actual person. We received our device and plugged it in and haven’t had a single issue so far. This was the only option I could find to get unlimited internet in rural middle tn. My only regret is I didn’t find them sooner.

Carter Thomas
3 months ago

Spark services has been our savior and answer for rural internet. We moved to a rural area in November 2022 that is an internet dead zone with no cable or fiber options and very limited DSL options. My parents have lived there since 1989 and have only gotten internet when I told them about Spark. Again it's not the fastest but it is more than adequate to run smart home devices and stream TV. We can even game on it for the most part with very little lag only occasionally. Spark really has saved us out here!!

5 years we been waiting and looking for internet. We live in the rural part of SC. 10 feet away from NC line. Spectrum doesn’t run out this far but yet my NC neighbor has spectrum. Our phones are AT&T but there’s not any internet service with them. Hugh’s net doesn’t work. I finally came across Spark and they said we had great coverage. Was kinda skeptical about it because that’s what everyone else said but also said they don’t cover our area. I got it anyways to try and see. It just came in the mail. 1st. The packaging was great. Not damaged or anything. (FedEx) 2. When I opened the package, everything was neatly placed inside. And it came with Skittles! 3. I plugged it up, within seconds it was connected to 5G. The paper said a tin roof would mess with signal. We have a tin roof but that didn’t stop it. I went outside to the porch and was still connected to the Wi-Fi. We run Steam on our laptops and it takes a lot. Within seconds my games was updated. Being in the south and spring time, we’ll probably have a storm this week so we’ll be able to see what it does. But I faith in this thing. So far it’s excellent. I’m in love with it. Haven’t connected my security cameras yet. So far one of the laptops and my phone are connected and it’s running awesome.

Richard Bays
5 months ago

I live pretty far out in a rural area and i dont have many options for internet. I came across spark internet while searching and they had good reviews. So i decided to give them a try and im glad i did. Everything has been working great. My kids can stream and game. I play cs and valorant and im still able to get 30-40 ping on servers. Thanks again spark services!

Kayden Lewis
3 months ago

After searching for two years to find an internet provider where we live in the sticks I finally stumbled upon spark and I haven’t had any issues in the two weeks we’ve had it. Continuously connected to two tvs, two laptops & three phones and it’s faster than a road runner.

Nicole McKnight
6 months ago

We built a house surrounded by trees and timber. Our dream! But never thought about how hard it would be to get internet service. After trying multiple companies and having no luck, we came across Spark Services while searching Google. Decided to give it a try. Fast shipping and easy setup straight out of the box. We’ve been using it for a couple weeks now with no problems! I work from home part of the time and we use it for streaming services on our tv. So far, we are very pleased!

Jill Keyes
9 months ago

I moved this year to a rural area, and work from home. I struggled FOREVER to find a reliable service that I could afford, with no data caps. I’m so lucky to have found SPARK Services. Their Customer service team was quick to respond and answer any of my questions, my order was received very quickly, and I had a great experience so far with the service and coverage.

Peter Ward
7 months ago

Spark Services is one of those companies that delivers exactly what they say they will deliver. The internet service has been seamless with no outages so far and no unexpected slowdowns. They take care of everything right out of the box, making setup almost too simple. Plug it in and start using. We have 6 tv's, and sometimes as many other devices, with 2 work from home offices. Delivery speeds have been adequate with rarely any unacceptable slowdowns during high usage times of day. After 4 weeks of service We highly recommend Spark and look forward to a long relationship with an outstanding company. BTW Call customer service, you get a real person. Imagine that.

Shannon Bryan
7 months ago

We have never been able to get internet where we live! We have tried everything... satellite internet, hotspots from all three major carriers. Plus a WEBOOST n the roof to help with cellular data in the house. I work from home so we really needed a solution for streaming TV, kids using their school Chromebooks and me working from home. This is the first and ONLY solution that has worked. Trust me, we've tried them ALL! In the past, we had one AT&T hotspot that only one of us could use at time and while it worked - it only allowed one function at a time. So if I was working late, no one could steam one TV. So far on this service, we can steam two TV's, work from home (team meetings, uploading/downloading), kids on Chromebooks doing school work! It's incredible and I'm so thankful we found a solution!! Thanks Spark!

William Burden
6 months ago

We have had the True Blue Internet Plan for a week now and absolutely love it. We moved into our current house four years ago and have never been able to get any internet service at our house because we are two rural. I came across Spark Services and decided to give them a try. We have 3 kids and they all stream on their iPad as well as the four tvs in the house and we have had nothing but great speeds with this service. We have recommended this service to everyone on our street. Best service for rural homes.

Got tired of having to reboot my satellite receiver 5 to 6 times a day and was told the company could not correct the issue but continued to charge full price. I was not sure about Spark but decided to try it. Easy setup and works great without rebooting. Our phone reception has improved, no longer need to go outside to make or receive calls. So far working great.

charles jones
8 months ago

I've had rural internet for years. It started with Hughes net, which is very slow because it's satellite based. Then I found Nomad, their customer service was horrible and equipment failed a lot, in two and a half years I had four routers and a lot of down time waiting for those routers. I've had Sparks services about a month, and it's nice to pick up the phone and be able to talk to customer service, also their router has the strongest signal I've seen out here off of cell towers. So far very pleased with Sparks!!

Oka Kapassa
8 months ago

We live in an extremely rural area near the water. No fiber! We have used mobile hotspots for about 20 years. When we got our modem we were AMAZED at the speed and what we could do online! The support staff has been great!! Now we are running all our electronic devices as well as streaming TV and Alexa. THANK YOU SPARK SERVICES!!

Devin Reaves
8 months ago

SPARK Services' Nationwide True Blue internet is up and running. I live in the rural rolling hills of middle Tennessee. Cellular service is practically non-existent inside our home and no other terrestrial internet is available. I received my modem quickly and it fired right up and connected to ​band 14 right away. With no external antenna I pulled around 6-8 Mbps. I bought a dual Omnidirectional roof antenna ($100) and hooked it up directly to the modem. I now consistently pulls down 25-35 Mbps in good weather. That is phenomenal for my area. I can stream Netflix in 1080 with surround sound! I'm very happy with the company and the service that they provide. All contact with SPARK has been fast and efficient. I hope to do business with them for years to come.

beverly hudson
8 months ago

I searched widely for the best internet service for the rural area I live in. I reviewed serveral different providers & decided on Spark Services. I have not been disappointed at all so far! They were extremely helpful with which package would be the best for my area and I received everything quickly. I’m completely satisfied with the service I am getting and would highly recommend them!

Evan White
7 months ago

Living in a rural area, home internet is almost impossible to get. We mainly use internet to watch TV. I did some research and found Spark Services. I called and they were very helpful and answered all of my questions. They looked at what coverage would be best for my address so I ordered right after getting off the phone. It has worked wonderfully! No buffering or taking forever to load. We could not be happier! I wish I would have found them sooner. If you’re looking into getting their internet, order it now. You won’t regret it!

Samantha Hembrough
10 months ago

We live outside of town and have tried at least 3 different services trying to obtain a good internet connection for my kids to do their school work and allow me to work from home. We tried Spark and I was amazed we could do that and stream movies and play video games. Exactly what we were looking for and super easy to set up. Highly recommend.

Sharon Lofgren
11 months ago

I have only had the service for a couple of weeks, but it has been fantastic. Great customer service, and decent internet! I live in a rural forest which no-one will service, but a $15 antenna tripled our download rate. I'm very happy working from home and watching Netflix in the evenings!

My computer crashed on me in the middle of a project and a new job. I am not from the Muskogee, Oklahoma area so i did not know where to go so I asked around. After going to the places recommended to me and finding them closed for the day I ran onto Spark Services by accident and boy I'm I happy that I did!!! because they got me in and had my computer fixed quicker than they said they would and cheaper than they quoted. I love how they kept me in the know through text and emails. I am so pleased with the work that they done I would recommend them to everyone. Thanks Sparks Services for all your hard work and services to the community. Signed, A very pleased customer

Herb Oaks
a year ago

As most know, when living in a rural area, Satellite is everyone's go to for service. For years we were mindful in watching our usage. I did a lot of research and decided on Sparks Services, they are larger than most companies that I researched, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. It was fast shipping and worked right out of the box. Great company and great customer service. We couldn't be more pleased with Sparks Services and their great staff.

I have never dealt with this kind of costumer service top notch can't say nothing bad about it.from the internet to the costumer service you wouldn't regret getting SPARK Services Especially nik he handle my issue so well and help me through it.I dont think i would ever changes my internet service ever again.

Customer service is wonderful. After years of dealing with overseas companies for internet, dealing with Spark Services was refreshing. I called to set up services and my internet was shipped that same day. Arrived within 4 business days and was easy to set up. Has worked great!

Crystal Hoelscher
11 months ago

Spark Services is amazing! My router came quickly and right out of the box plugged in and worked! I was having so many issues with HughesNet in trying to get them to come out and install internet services. I just happened on Spark Services on a random internet provider search and was a little skeptical. I had called ATT to see if they had wireless services and they told me it was unavailable at our address. Their tower happens to be very close to our property. We now have Spark Services wifi that is able to stream our DishTV services and our Alexa enabled devices. Happy and very satisfied so far!

Zach Stellern
3 months ago

Good customer service and friendly representatives. We love in the middle of nowhere and have had no problems with our signal.

Katie O'Daniel
4 months ago

Have had the pink internet service for 1 week. Is much better than any other service in our rural area.

Christa Makrancy
3 months ago

Live in rural area with limited internet resources. Spark providing excellent service with great customer service and quick delivery of equipment with great pricing!

Dylan Underwood
9 months ago

We’ve been very impressed! We had resigned ourselves to using our phone hotspots as home internet because we couldn’t find a decent internet provider in our area, when we received a flyer for Spark. The price was good compared to what we had been looking at, and the speed has been terrific! We immediately recommended it to family.

Julie Tabb
3 months ago

This internet is absolutely fantastic! A+ We live out in the country and have tried the only other thing available...satellite internet and it did not work at all!

Sharon Gibson
8 months ago

I have had a wonderful experience with Spark Services. When I was searching for services, I was able to live chat and actually speak with a person. Thst was rewarding. So far, so good! I am enjoying my internet services and the price is very reasonable

Kenyon Myers
10 months ago

I’ve been living in a rural area for 5 years, and I have not been able to find a reliable internet provider. I heard about SPARK Services from my brother-in-law, so I decided to give them a try and I must say…by far I am beyond thrilled to say I have reliable internet service to run my household. Secondly, it’s good enough for me to game again. If anyone living in a rural area, I highly recommend SPARK Services.

Ana G
a year ago

Spark has so far been an extremely convenient internet solution in the somewhat remote town I moved into. I have not experienced any major service disruptions and the modem was very easy to set up, basically just plugged it in and it worked right away. I stream movies and shows basically all day in addition to wfh video conferencing and it works great (no HD or 4K streaming, but I don't really miss it). Hoping this service continues to operate at this performance level! if anything changes I'll update this review.

W Evetts
11 months ago

A couple of days in with the Blue Plan home internet from Spark Services. So far I couldn't be happier. I have had terrible DSL with a major provider for years. My only other option was cable (not fiber-optic) which was going to be a huge ordeal since my rental home was never wired for cable. Keep in mind services like what Spark is offering runs on 4G LTE towers from companies like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. You will need to see which plan and provider will work best to suit your needs. I chatted online with customer support a few times prior to making a decision to purchase. There are many other companies offering similar internet packages. Quite a few of them seem sketchy at best. Spark immediately gave me a good vibe as a reputable company which offers many tech related services beyond home internet. They were upfront with me about what the pros and potential cons might be which I appreciated. Basically, if you want a positive experience, be respectful and communicate any issues you might have so they can work with you to find a solution. I will update my review once I've had the service for a while. So far so good. Update after one week. Still no complaints. We were online a lot this past weekend with quite a bit of streaming time. Nothing beyond a couple of brief hiccups like you'll get from even the best service during peak times. I still can't believe how good our service is compared to what we had previously.

Daniel Stahl
a year ago

Most cellular data internet providers do not even have a Google page let alone 230 Google reviews. A lot of times with these companies you do not even know if they are real but with Spark there is no doubt that they are not only legitimate but also a fantastic company. I was able to pay securely with PayPal and my order was shipped the first business day. Received my package 3 days later and it took me about 5 minutes to get connected to my new router. I have been getting download speeds of 8-22 mbps and upload speeds of 2-6 mbps without even 1 glitch so far. The customer chat and email with Spark is very responsive, could not be better honestly. On the website they provide all the information on their service and do not hide it on the fine print. I appreciate their transparency and I look forward to being a long time Spark customer.

Theo Hobbs
a year ago

I am very pleased with my service. I received the modem exactly 3 days after my order was placed. It is plug and play as they stated. My downloads are consistently 60-85mbps, and up loads speeds are 23mbps consistently. I called before I purchased and someone picked up the phone and explained everything to me. When I placed my order online, everything was straight forward. I was updated as to shipping and tracking number. I would like to point out that this is my 7th, yes 7th rural internet company. One being satellite internet, which is not an option anymore. Too expensive, not enough data, and slows down at night. Sparks monthly fee is on the low end of all the monthly fees I have paid. I have paid as much as $140 a month. Out of all of the companies, Spark is the only one that answers the phone or chat immediately AND knows who you are. I was and still am very impressed with their website. A visit to About Us on their website sold me before I even purchased! And their website is second to none, out of all the other rural internet sites! I have had the service for about 15 days with no issues.

Codey Mason
4 months ago

amazing service no throttling fast speed, latency not bad, also good upload speeds

Jessica Massey
a year ago

These are the kindest, most professional people! My kids and I are so thankful to finally have fast internet at our rural home after so many years without, and after so many broken promises by other companies claiming to offer service in our area. Nik was especially helpful and so determined to find the perfect plan to meet our needs. He had super fast responses to my questions (I had many!!) and got our router shipped out so quickly! Thank you so much Spark Services and Nik!! Im so glad we found you!

Elana Skinner
a year ago

I was surprised how easy this system was to set up. You literally take it out of the box, plug it in and you’re ready to go! Connection has been good so far. Only issue I’ve noticed is the download speeds are pretty slow. Streaming and gaming have been excellent. I would highly recommend Spark for your rural internet needs.

SPARK Internet Plans & Pricing

Everything you need to get started:

  • SPARK Internet Hardware Modem (Now Included In Plan Price!)
  • An easy one-time activation process
  • Automatic monthly billing

SPARK Internet Speeds

  • Up to 300 Mbps download speeds depending on your location and plan chosen. Average speeds are between 8 to 25Mbps
  • LTE Signal guaranteed or your money back minus the activation fee!
  • Free standard email address upon request
  • No long-term commitments or contracts. Cancel anytime you wish with only 30 days written notice. (e-mail notice only submit to: [email protected])
  • UNLIMITED high speed data plans available!

The fine print on “Unlimited”

Our “UNLIMITED” data does come with a few trade-offs that you must be aware of. We will call it the “fine print” that we are putting out there for you to see and understand before you make your purchase. In order to get this data rate we “downscale” all 4K content to 1080 as we have found 4K simply takes too much bandwidth. Please call us at 918-608-8888 to discuss these plans and pricing

Optional Add Ons

CMS (Cloud Management System)

  • Protect your computer from viruses, malware, and even ransomware
  • $8.00/month 1st computer
  • $5.00/month each additional computers
  • Smart Web Filter that will keep you out of any trouble online.  (Pornography filter available to no additional charge)
  • Safe Internet Browsing for your family or kids.

Microsoft Office 365

  • Includes Email, Outlook, Word, Excel, Access & Publisher.
  • $15.00/month install on up to 5 computers
  • $6.00/month billed per year for a Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Plan 1 email account

SPARK 5G / 4G LTE Internet FAQs

The difference between 4G and LTE is speed, and 4G is faster than LTE. The letters LTE stand for “Long-Term Evolution” and is a standard for wireless broadband communication for mobile devices and data terminals. In 2008, four years after LTE was launched, 4G (Fourth Generation) was introduced, replacing 3G technology. When 4G was launched, it upgraded connectivity, and accelerated internet connection speeds and hotspots for mobile phones. At the time, this was groundbreaking technology and the cellular networks had trouble catching up. In recent years, most of the 3G networks have been upgraded to 4G speeds.

Over the past 10 years, 4G LTE speeds have gotten exponentially better, but LTE covers all networks that are trying to meet 4G standards.

In cellular communications, 4G is the OG of internet speeds, and it can be about 10 times faster than third generation networks. The 4G data networks revolutionized the mobile industry and led the way for today’s constant use of mobile devices that now act as full computers in the palm of your hand. These speeds also help with multimedia and gaming capabilities.
Oftentimes, yes. For the most part, your 4G or LTE data from your phone can be faster than your home WiFi. Common sense would tell you that your home computer should be faster than your phone, but that isn’t the case anymore for 4G technology. Your home WiFi router depends on a broadband connection, but your phone connects to the nearest 4G tower.
Rural areas are wide stretches of open land with fewer homes or buildings than major cities or suburban areas. Most of these areas don’t have the current infrastructure for broadband services and need a little extra help. Some residents in rural areas have struggled with or can’t access broadband, and 4G LTE provides great service and excellent communication.
High-speed internet is defined as an internet connection with at least 25 Mbps download speeds, and SPARK Services 4G LTE internet reaches those speeds. However, not all internet providers can reach those speeds.
With SPARK’s 4G LTE rural internet, gamers can now connect to the web in areas that lack traditional internet service providers. All of your devices are connected to an LTE modem router, wirelessly, and they stay connected all of the time. These services are faster than cable or satellite, giving gamers the speeds they need to stay focused on what they are doing.

There is a lot of different terms being used today when it comes to High-Speed internet and especially cellular internet.  The short answer is that 5G is the newest fastest cellular internet speeds that are available today and 4G is the older slower technology.  Our modems will automatically search for a 5G signal and if one is not available it will switch over to a 4G signal.  However, when 5G becomes available in your area there will be no need to change out your equipment, our modem will see that signal and just like that you will have 5G internet in your rural area!  5G already exists in most towns.  

Connect to the Internet In Areas You Couldn’t Before

With SPARK 4G LTE Internet
Still have questions?