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SPARK Services 5G Internet Neon Pink


Product Quantity

High Speed 5G LTE Internet Service (Neon Pink)

High-speed 5G LTE internet service designed for rural areas.

  •  Unlimited Data
  •  HD Streaming Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Disney. No 4k Downscaling
  •  Service renews every 30 days with our Automatic Billing service.

Activation Fee

This is a one-time activation fee that covers everything required for creating and activating your account.


SPARK Services LTE Flame 2 Modem

Fixed 5G LTE modem router capable of supporting up to 32 wireless devices simultaneously and four 1000 MbpsEthernet ports for hard-wired connections to devices or an uplink to a switch. This device has a built-in 4G/5G LTE radio capable of up to 300Mbps.

Specifications of equipment link