System Status

Update as of 10-26-2020 @ 11:33 PM CST

Customers who do not own a SPARK Services modem (Ember, Flame, or Bonfire) and are using their own modem may need to update their APN settings on their modem to the setting of “broadband” without the quotes in order to obtain high speed internet

Update as of 10-26-2020 @ 2:49 PM CST

New SIM Cards will be shipped out today for all customers who requested a new card due to corruption of some of the cards.  We have had some luck with mixed results of customers who were able to get a new SIM card from your local AT&T store.  If you want to speed things up and live near a store please see if they will let you purchase or give you a new SIM card.  If you can get one then send us a picture of the card and we can have you back up and running usually within a few hours.  

Special statement regarding our Rural LTE Internet services: Update at of 10-23-2020 @ 3:00 PM CST

LTE engineers have isolated the SIM card problems (not working or running slow, slow means LESS THAN 1Mbps).  Engineers and account reps are actively working to resolve all these LTE related issues.  We have been told that all updates have been applied; however, they still need to be pushed out to the equipment.  This takes time, and more importantly, you must leave your modem on so that when your modem update hits, it is online to receive the update.  Starting Saturday, October 24, restart your modem every few hours to see if this update has taken effect.  You need to let the modem run for at least 30 minutes before each reboot. This is very important!

If your internet is not fully restored after Saturday morning, we were told to assume the sim card became corrupt during the update. Unfortunately, if this is the case, we will have to send you a new sim card. The new sim card will be fully activated when it arrives and will resolve any remaining issues. We no longer need your IMEI number. This is going to significantly speed up our response time for any remaining issues.  Please send an email to [email protected] with the subject “New Sim Card Request,” the account holders name, and an up-to-date mailing address. We will start processing those requests first thing Monday morning. These replacement sim cards will be going out priority mail through USPS. If you would like to expedite the shipping, faster shipping methods will be available at the customer’s expense. If you choose the expedited shipping option, please include it in the request email.

Honestly, we were not prepared for the rapid influx of calls, emails, and support tickets.  We have had many customers put in 15- 20 calls and support tickets. Although we understand the urgency that customers felt, this has greatly added to our lack of response time and confusion.

Going forward, we ask that customers needing support to please submit ONLY one support request. Any additional requests involving the same support issue WILL AUTOMATICALLY GET DELETED FROM THE SYSTEM. Repeat requests will cause more delays for you, our customers

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All SIM cards have been refreshed and all systems are running normal 100%
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