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Those who run their own businesses truly understand the significance of effective communication. Successfully running a business without having efficient communication systems is next to impossible. Business phone systems are an integral part of internal and external communication. There are several options for companies to choose from regarding their communication. However, before selecting any communication system for your business, you must consider your phone system requirements. Once you are clear about the business communication needs, you can choose a suitable system for your company. This article serves as a guide for evaluating your business’ phone system requirements.

Different Phone Systems
Today, we can see three different types of business phone systems commonly used by businesses worldwide.

1. Landline
In a traditional phone system, you need to plug the phone into the wall while working with a regional phone company. The performance of landlines depends upon physical wire connections monitored and operated by local phone companies. One thing about landline phones you must consider is that even though landlines offer a strong connection and reliable service, this technology in the communication industry isn’t going to expand.

2. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
This technology connects your phone system to your internet connection. VoIP systems establish connections between various users via your internet service provider. This technology is superior to landlines in terms of quality and reliability.

3. Virtual Phone System
Virtual phone systems are perfect when your business has employees working remotely from different locations. Although these systems aren’t full-fledged, they offer various features for your company while running on your mobile or home phone network.

Tips for Analyzing Your Business’ Phone System Requirements
Whenever you choose anything for your business, you must assess your needs before trying a new product. The following tips will help you choose the best phone system for your business –

Evaluate Your Basic Needs
Different industries have varying needs for telephone communication. If your business has a large customer service team that takes customer calls frequently, it’s better to invest in a reliable VoIP system. It also integrates with your service team’s software. If you have a boutique marketing agency, you’ll require a solid conference phone line to enable your team to connect with customers as if they were in the same room. An honest evaluation of your needs is the most significant step in this process.

Determine the Number of People Who Require a Business Phone
If you feel that all your staff needs a traditional phone, you can go for a quick headcount in the office. But, not each of them needs a phone on their desk or computer. Those who don’t communicate with customers or vendors frequently can use tools such as Slack to make quick voice and video calls between computers.
Another significant factor you must consider is the number of remote employees requiring access to a phone system.

Inventory Your Existing Hardware
Those who have already invested in telephone hardware may not be willing to consider a sunk cost. The good news for them is that some old phones are compatible with VoIP systems. You can also use a phone adapter and increase the chances of repurposing old hardware for modern technology. It also allows you to keep your existing phone numbers.

Check for Bundled Service Options
Every business must consider bundled discounts offered by most ISPs for voice and VoIP phone services. Even if you can check online advertisements for current deals from all telecom providers, it’s better to call your ISP and ask whether any promotions or special pricing would be considered if you opt for a bundled package with additional services.

Find Out the Best Deal
Once you’ve identified the best telephone service for your business, the features you want, and the number of employees who need to use it, the only thing left is to find the best deal. You can consider a monthly billing option depending on your long-term remote work policy. The ultimate aim here is to minimize the costs and get the best deal for your business phone system.

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