If you run a business with a team of employees, then you’ve probably utilized a multi-line business phone system before also known as a PBX.

Many business phone systems come with useful features such as call-forwarding and automated attendants. Many of these systems, however, can also come with stigmas of being complicated and expensive to install, maintain, and scale.

Switching to a cloud-based VoIP business phone system can help your business instantly reduce service costs by as much as 80%, enhance reliability, and add greater functionality over a traditional telephone-line-based system.


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Save up to 80% with a VoIP-Enabled Business Phone System by 3CX

SPARK Services has been providing businesses with VoIP business phone systems and service since 2014. We’ve cross-compared and analyzed multiple VoIP systems that are currently available on the market, and have selected 3CX VoIP systems to provide our customers with the best rates and highest reliability.

SPARK Services has been 3CX-certified as a Titanium Partner since 2018. Now, SPARK is the largest 3CX Titanium Partner by volume in the United States.

Why should you choose SPARK Services as your 3CX Partner?

Free Support 24/7/365

When you purchase your 3CX license, hardware, and SIP services from SPARK Services you will qualify for 100% free support for the entire life of your account with us here at SPARK Services. You will always be able to get support for your critical 3CX telephone system. Our support system is available M-F 9 AM to 6 PM CST. Outside of our normal support hours, you will be greeted by our answering services where you will identify yourself as a telephone customer and then they will dispatch a tech within 20 minutes of your support call

Free Cloud Hosting in our Built-for-VoIP Datacenter

Our state-of-the-art data center is managed by Tulsa Data Three and located inside CityPlex towers in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is one of the only EF5-rated data centers in eastern Oklahoma and boasts BGP routing and redundant fiber providers to ensure maximum uptime for your critical VoIP services. As long as SPARK provides you with your license, hardware, and SIP trunking, you get to use our data center free of charge!

CRM Compatibility

You can easily integrate caller ID, call journaling, and even recorded inbound and outbound calls with your 3CX system including favorite CRM applications such as SalesForce and Office 365. We even have relationships with custom 3CX developers that can make 3CX do anything you want it to do that it does not do out of the box. If you run a call center then 3CX is the right solution for you.

What is VoIP?

Many people have asked the question “What is VoIP, and how will it help my business?” VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is technology that can transfer voice calls and messages over the web instead of through a traditional copper wire network. Skype and Vonage, for instance, are two popular consumer-level VoIP platforms for video and telephony. VoIP for business phone systems works essentially the same way, but with the expected features of a business PBX phone system such as call forwarding and multi-user conferencing.

Three ways a VoIP Phone System Can Help Your Business

A VoIP business phone system has many benefits over traditional business phone systems.

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Cost Saving

Moving to a 3CX phone provider makes everything easier by decreasing your hardware, administration, and maintenance costs. This, of course, means lower phone bills when you implement a 3CX phone system. Make high costs associated with web conferencing a thing of the past. International calls to other countries have always been expensive, but with 3CX, those calls are a part of your system. Remote branches can use unique extensions thanks to 3CX SIP providers. 

3cx phone system security


3CX phone systems are used with VoIP, SIP, and PSTN systems. The system couldn’t be easier to configure and comes with a web-based management console that controls every part of the software. Now, you can control the security of your system rather than hiring consultants by using included security features for VoIP — which has options for FQDN and SSL certificates. Make sure you are protected.


Your staff can now be more productive by using a 3CX phone system thanks to the numerous features that can save time and money. It is now easier to make and answer calls, and the system can also integrate Mail, CRM systems, and database servers.

How Much Does a VoIP Business Phone System Cost?

Get a free 3CX system for one year – for unlimited users, including mobile apps, web conferencing, live chat, Facebook business integration, and more. With 3CX you choose how you want your system. You can have 3CX host and manage your system for you or DIY in your private cloud or on-premise. Whatever your choice you get a full-blown communications system up and running in minutes by registering below and then completing the setup wizard.

Here are a few 3CX features

  • On-Premise Phone System 
  • Hosted PBX 
  • Remote Working: Mobile Apps 
  • Know who’s calling 
  • Take calls from your browser
  • Free Video Conferencing 
  • Integrated Call Center 
  • Never missing a call
  • Slashing your communication costs and phone bills
  • Management and Self Installation
  • Website Live Chat
  • Your PBX can be based in the cloud
  • WebRTC Web Conferencing
advantages of 3cx phone system

Save up to 80% with a VoIP-Enabled Business Phone System by 3CX

SPARK Services is a certified service provider and Titanium Partner of 3CX, a software-based PBX that works with popular IP Phones, SIP trunks, and Gateways.

If you are interested in saving 80% or more off your current business phone bill or want to learn more about how SPARK Services can improve your bottom line, take the first step now and contact our team today.

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