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Enhance the Post-Purchase Experience for Customers with Automated Emails and Calls

As a business, you cannot ignore your customers once they buy your product or service. It’s your responsibility to take care of them, ensure they’re satisfied, and maintain their loyalty to your brand. If you are not paying attention to your customers’ problems or concerns, they will be dissatisfied and tend to start negative word of mouth.

To avoid this crisis, you have to solve their issues, provide them with after-sales service, and make sure they are happy with it. This article explains the concept of post-purchase experience and how you can enhance it with automated emails and calls.

Post-Purchase Experience: The Concept

It involves your customers’ experiences and interactions after purchasing a product/service from your brand. It is an important part of the customer journey that helps build brand loyalty and customer retention. Customers always remember how you make them feel; hence, by enhancing their post-purchase experience, you can convert them to repeat customers from one-time buyers.

Simply put, it is the sum of the interactions between your brand and customers. The elements of post-purchase experience are – communication elements, visual elements, and behavior-based elements.

Why Is It So Important?

Let’s look at the significance of the post-purchase experience. Every modern business should consider its existing customers as a gold mine. However, many businesses focus on acquiring new customers while ignoring the existing ones right after they have made a purchase. Go through the following Forbes stats that highlight the significance of post-purchase experience –
• The probability of re-selling to an existing customer is up to 14 times higher than the probability of selling to a new one.
• Approximately 77% of customers tend to recommend a brand to their friends after just one positive experience.
• Boosting customer retention rates by just 5% can lead to a growth in profits by 25% to 95%.

The internet is flooded with such statistics that signify focusing on existing customers instead of just chasing new ones.

Factors that Contribute to a Positive Post-Purchase Experience

You can consider the following factors that will help you deliver a positive post-purchase experience –
• How-to Guides
After receiving the product, customers may require information on how to use it. You can provide that information in different formats such as video, article, or even live chat to provide more value.
• Recommendations
You can share the recommendations with your customers by identifying the products purchased by other customers along with this product.
• Refunds and Returns
Sharing the information on return policy with your customers helps you in customer retention when you have a good return policy.
• Omni Channel Experience
You should be available wherever your customers spend more time; it may be social media or any other platform. Allow them to chat with you on a platform and device of their choice.
• Customer Feedback
Since it’s a healthy practice for better customer experience, you must listen to the voice of the customer. So, instead of boring feedback forms, you can share a link for live chat to get their feedback.

Enhancing Post Purchase Experience with Automated Emails and Calls

Along with the above factors, proactive communication is one of the most effective ways to enhance the post-purchase experience. You can use automated emails and calls to delight your customers in various aspects. Some of them can be –
• A “Thank You” message from you indicates that you value your customers.
• Automated email updates about order delivery and tracking serve better.
• You can share ‘How-to’ guides and product care tips with customers through automated emails.
• To get feedback from customers, you can share forms or links to live chat along with review requests through automated emails.
• You can communicate frequently bought together items through automated emails.
• Sharing personalized product recommendations can help your customers and your brand.
• You can send a replenishment reminder to ensure that customers return to buy your product.
• Automated calls with pre-recorded voice messages can help delight your customers.

This article must have helped you understand the importance of the post-purchase experience. Make sure you work on the above factors and effectively use automated emails and calls to enhance the post-purchase experience for your customers.

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