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Perhaps a lot of us overlook this question while making a decision of buying a computer. Missing out on this aspect can in a lot of situations prove to be exorbitantly expensive. While buying a new system, make sure that you don’t let fancy discounts fascinate you. 

There are a lot of important specifications that you as a buyer need to pay heed to. For example, the kind of processor, the modern era solid-state drive (SSD), or the same old hard disk drive (HDD). Acknowledging the fact, the RAM prices aren’t exactly inexpensive at the moment; it will only be beneficial to make a wise and informed decision. And thus, we at Sparks Services are here to assist you. The following are a few tips to consider while choosing a computer.

Need for RAM

With each passing year, our need for a bigger RAM has only risen. In the olden days, any standard system, the operating system could easily sail through with a 4 GB RAM. But today you need a least of 4 GB just to run a mobile cell. With consecutive upgrades in the various operating systems, the offered applications tend to use up more RAM for their functioning. As you go up on the ladder of ease and smoothness, the required RAM also increases. 

So, let’s first understand what happens in case we run out of space on our RAM. In this situation, your system will start writing out everything else on your hard disk of the SSD. Now when in use, this will cause lagging and affect the speed of your system. Hence, irrespective of your system’s memory, the performance will be slower if you use up your RAM. 


This is the advisable number for most users. It allows you to have a smooth experience while researching, using the web, and casual machinery use. Along with that, keeping in mind the increasing need for more RAM, buying an 8GB RAM also secures your system from obsolete in the near future. 

16 GB

While 8GB is sufficient to run some modern-day games, we highly recommend a 16GB computer for gamers. This allows you to have a smooth experience while gaming, provided your budget allows you. A 16 GB system today is known to be the perfect balance between the performance and the price. This just offers you room for running a few tasks simultaneously. 

32 GB

This one is for the creative lot. Since, they usually work with the rendering of huge audio, video, or picture files, they need a large memory to work on them. This simply offers you the flexibility to work without having to worry about the negative effect on the system. Working on ultra HD 4K+ resolutions can take some of the ultra-fast volatile RAM capacity and turns it into a drive. This acts as a scratch disk for projects. 

Apart from this make sure your system has the option of getting the RAM upgraded. A lot of companies today, offer just a single original configuration.

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