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One thing that we should always do be extremely careful about but actually very rarely do is backing up our data, especially in this day and age where everything is digital. Backing up your data will ensure that you don’t lose any valuable information and also save you a lot of time and effort in terms of trying to recover the data that has been lost, in case your hard disk ever starts malfunctioning or if ever your laptop is stolen.

Moreover, it also ensures that your data isn’t used as ransom to demand money from you, in the event of your computer being hacked or infected with ransomware. By making sure that your data is backed up, you can completely eliminate the need to negotiate for the release of data that has been “taken hostage” and you can also avoid any kind of situation where you might be at the mercy of unethical hackers.

So, on that note, here is a list of 6 ways in which you can securely back up your data so as to avoid any technical or digital mishaps or losses in the future:

1. Backing up Data by Storing it on Cloud

Cloud storage is a really good way of making sure that you have a data back-up, especially with all the popular cloud storage options that are available these days, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive, and lots more. Using cloud storage to back up your data is immensely beneficial because firstly, you get free storage up to a certain amount of storage space which is set as a limit. Also, with cloud storage, you don’t have to back up your data manually, as it is backed up automatically at periodic intervals or whenever you give a command for the same.

2. Network Attached Storage to Back-up Data

A network-attached storage item is always a great idea for data back-ups, especially in homes and businesses with multiple computer systems as it makes your data need to be saved or downloaded from a variety of sources. It is a highly convenient method of backing up your data. As with cloud storage, data back-ups in network-attached storage systems are automatic as well.

3. The Good Old USB Drive

USB Drives have been around for a while and the reason that they are still a highly preferred way of storing and backing-up data is that they are extremely trusty, reliable and of course, cost-effective. They are also compact and easy to carry around, making them a very convenient option for data storage and backup. What’s more? Transferring data from the USB drive to another source is as easy as one-two-three. After all, there’s a reason they say that old is gold.

4. Time Machine

This data back-up option is a little niche as the only ones who have access to it are Mac users. Time Machine is Apple’s very own special wireless storage system that automatically backs up your data to the external hard drives. Moreover, the data is backed up at regular and frequent intervals, and when we say data, we don’t just mean the key files, but the entire drive!

5. Printing

No, we are not kidding. Yes, we are 100% serious.  Printing your data actually makes for a pretty solid data back-up plan. It may be old school but the reason that this method of data back-up still endures is that it has withstood the test of time and is a fail-safe option to all of your data back-up woes. Furthermore, compared to other data back-up alternatives, printing is quite inexpensive. Also, with printing, you don’t really need to worry about system failure, power outages, hacking, and other digital glitches or technical mishaps.

6. External Hard Drives for Data Back-up

External hard drives make for a good option for backing up and storing your important data as the fact that they can be plugged into other devices in order to transfer or receive data makes them really convenient to use. They make for a rather economic data back-up option, especially considering their considerable storage capacity.

If you value your data and digital sphere, you must start protecting it now, it’s never going to automatically back up or secure itself. If you edit and update your information files on a daily basis, then having a full system back-up will definitely come in handy in the event that something goes wrong. Are you looking for help with data back-up? Well, SPARK Services has got your back. We can be your go-to people for all your web, computer, and voice needs!

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