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Social media is the way of the world now, so it only makes sense that businesses go online and adopt an active and effective social media marketing strategy. To that end, here are 7 ways in which you can upgrade your social media marketing strategy in order to help your business grow and flourish:

1. Create a Social Media Profile that People can Shop From

Almost every business in the world has jumped onto the social media marketing bandwagon, you shouldn’t be left behind. People have started creating social media profiles on Pinterest and Instagram that customers can actually directly shop from, and you should quickly hop on to this trend if you haven’t already done so. This marketing strategy is simple, and convenient, two things that customers love and that are good for any business.

2. Make Social Media Influencers Part of Your Program

There is a reason that social media influencers are called social media influencers. They are considered trendsetters and the public derives inspiration from and relies on their fashion and lifestyle choices, among other things. More and more businesses are increasingly making such influencers a part of their marketing program and including them in the marketing process since their reach is tremendous

3. Don’t Overlook Dark Social Marketing

Well, firstly, what is dark social? It is social networking that is virtually untraceable by marketers, which is partly why dark social marketing is usually more trusted and relied on by customers. In this age where social media makes anyone business everyone’s business, dark social marketing is a breath of fresh air, not just because customers find it less intrusive, but also because they are a very important mode of engaging with your target audience and potential customers. 

4. Focus on Creating True and Organic Engagement with Your Target Audience and Potential Customers

Gimmicky social media marketing and engaging techniques such as asking potential customers to tag their friends or share posts are so yesterday. These strategies are also slimy and quite blatantly insincere as the disinterest in actually engaging and reaching their customers is quite apparent. So, give this particular marketing strategy a miss and instead focus on organically engaging with your target audience and widening your reach.

5. Hop onto the AR Trend

Augmented Reality or AR is gradually becoming a welcome and widely accepted part of our lives, be it to try on clothes and make-up virtually to help you decide what looks better or to try painting a simulated room to determine which color looks best. There is no doubt that using AR to advertise your brand or business is going to be the future of digital marketing. Embrace AR technology and make sure that your business is part of this amazing future.

6. Drive Home the Point That the World Belongs to the Fast and the Furious

We live in a fast world, where nearly everything, from noodles to messaging, is instant. Smart marketing is all about capitalizing on this trend. Incorporate this spirit of speed in your digital marketing strategy by organizing fun auction-style sales, live videos and challenges, and competitions with short ad clear deadlines. This marketing approach is sure to keep people on the edge of their seats and hooked to all the content you put out, which of course, will do wonders for your sales and returns.

7. Get Real

Last but most certainly not least, make sure you follow the ‘Out with the Fake, In with the Real’ approach of marketing. You can do this by bidding adieu to all those fake followers and accounts. Do your homework and do not get carried away by the number of followers you see on a so-called influencer’s profile. Things aren’t always what they seem and many times people use unethical and dubious means to raise their follower count. Having such accounts follow you will do nothing for your brand, and might in fact, only drag you down.

The social media landscape has been constantly changing, and the marketing strategies are transforming as well. However, while strategies will change, the strategies mentioned above will remain the same. Curate a multidimensional social media strategy that clearly articulates your innovative brand voice, uses a mix of paid and organic means and introduces delight to readers.

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