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6 Must-Have Features of A Business VoIP Phone

The 21st century has seen a technological revolution like never before. A convergence of different sets of software, permutations, and combinations has left endless possibilities for consumers today. 

One of these remarkable features of this technological society has been the emergence of the VoIP. Also referred to as IP telephony, ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’, this is a cluster of technologies that transmits voice communications as well as multimedia over networks such as the internet. 

A drastic shift has been observed across all typologies of business sectors these days. All businesses have started employing VoIP systems rather than the existing telephone network systems. The trends of this shift, clearly depict that VoIP systems have increasingly become the need of the hour. After all, as stated by Alvin Toffler, technology is the great growing engine of change. 

The main reason that this shift is being seen is the supplementary functions of the VoIP systems that are now becoming a core component of business services. A few of these features include call forwarding, advanced call screening, group functions, inherent handset functions, etc. The market has realized that VoIP phones must now also have overlapping features of smartphones in order to facilitate the entire process in a professional business environment. It is no brainer that the reliance on smartphones these days is phenomenal. To keep some homogeneity and for the sake of the convenience of consumers, a very precarious balance of overlapping needs to be maintained. 

There are a few features that are an absolute must for any VoIP phone- 

1. Inbuilt Programmed Functions

For a professional and business environment, the existence of a few in-built quick functions is absolutely imperative. The functions of the pre-programmed buttons can be molded as per the needs of each business and within each business, each department as well. To cite an example, the functions that are required by an Executive Department and Research Department may be drastically different. A few of these functions could include the option to speed dial, transfer calls to a pre-determined destination, switch between calls, and carry out voicemail operations. 

2. Placing Call Function

Receiving and making voice calls is a prime requirement of a VoIP phone. The beauty of this function is the number of variables that such a network shall have to cater for. There may be intra-corporate calls, inter-corporate calls to vendors and other stakeholders, and a provision for private calls as well. This again is dependent on the organization’s internal needs. A variety of options may be integrated including calls over Skype or the internet or through the local service providers. Services and provisions for placing international calls directly is another factor that is integrated into such systems. 

3. Desktop Handset Functions

Another function that may be available for handsets is the option of video calling directly from the handset using a third-party platform or internal network system. This greatly assists in presentations and long-distance calls to key senior personnel. Decision making and traveling costs are severely slashed by the integration of such a technology in these VoIP phones. 

4. Hands-Free Functions

A great amount of work can be achieved if the employees are given the infrastructure and facilities to keep their hands free while working. One way of ensuring the same is by providing integrated headsets to the personnel. This shall ensure the freedom to browse through papers or make notes or locating papers, etc. It is a must especially for intensive work positions that involve a great deal of multitasking. 

5. Muting Functions

Communication is the key to any business. Many times, whilst dealing with clients or senior management, it is necessary to discuss amongst the internal core groups before placing propositions. To save embarrassment and also to keep the process as formal, professional, and streamlined at all points, it is necessary to have features to mute, unmute, stop, and start the video function. 

6. Group Functions

In case a call is placed to a particular group or team, there must be modifications in the technology to ensure that the call is transmitted only to the relevant team who is qualified to deal with the situation. Further, options to redirect to personal devices are also a feature of this function. 

Apart from this, there are a lot of modifications that can be made to technology, depending on each organization’s needs. 

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