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How the Coronavirus Is Changing Tech and 5 Things to Do About It

The Corona Virus has turned our world upside down. We must however realize that even though the impending possibility of catching corona virus is very real, it will eventually be contained and even if you do get infected there is a high chance you will recover fully. This period also represents a huge shift in the way we live our day to day lives.

We must make sure that we are prepared fully to come out of this productivity limbo after this dreadful period is over. As individuals involved into the tech industry it is essential that we protect ourselves from the changes that this industry is undergoing during this pandemic and find ways to cope with this situation. In this post we bring to you five ways you as a someone in the tech industry should plan during these times. 

1. Prepare a remote work policy 

As this pandemic changes the way we look at things it becomes absolutely pertinent that as somebody who is working in the tech industry you first and foremost prepare a remote work policy for yourself and your employees.  A remote work policy will ensure that you can make sure that daily goals are timely and efficiently achieved. 

2. Update travel policies 

As this pandemic gets more and more unpredictable with each passing day, you will have to plan ahead of time when it comes to travel policies. Updating your travel policies is one of the ways you can minimize and prevent wasteful expenditure on travel. So, make sure you revamp them according to the situation that is persisting as a priority.

 3. Acknowledge and plan ahead of dealing with remote work 

Once you have made sure that you have a remote work policy make sure you devise a proper plan to work in this atmosphere. It is absolutely pertinent that you make sure that you plan ahead before putting the policy in motion. Without a cogent plan you will be a car without wheels and that will ultimately lead to disaster one way or another. Therefore, to make sure that you do the best you can for your employees and ultimately your business, make sure you always plan ahead. 

4. The key is to communicate with your employees regularly 

Make sure that you communicate with your employees regularly and make sure they are always kept in loop when you implement and make these plans. It is essential to ensure that your remote work policy is always made keeping your employees in mind. 

5. Create a space to attend video conferences 

Video Conferences have almost become a daily part of our lives ever since this pandemic has dawned upon us. Make sure you create a balance plan for your days in order to make sufficient space for video conferences. In order to make sure that you attend these diligently and without any hassle make sure you create a space where video conferencing can be easily and properly carried out. Make sure you minimise the interruptions also as a part of this process.   

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