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Beware Of The Free Data Backup Apps: Here’s Why You Should Choose SPARK

If you are a business owner and want to take your business online, it is very important for you to know that you absolutely need data backup. But what exactly do we mean by data backup?

Data backup is an Information Technology term which refers to the process of backing up or archiving files of your device data. This will help you to restore all your files after accidents of data loss. Let’s see why it is essential for you to back up your data.

1. Technology is unpredictable.

There can be a number of times when you might face computer crashes, virus attacks, hardware failure, etc. The question is, do you wish to take the risk of losing your data when such incidents happen? If you have a secure data backup, you will not have to worry about any of these accidents. You will always have the option to bring back your files quickly.

2. If you and your employees are human, you might make mistakes.

Even a small mistake on a computer or laptop can lead to big blunders. You or someone else might just delete your data unknowingly with one wrong mouse click! With data backup always there like your shadow, you will be able to get back on the project in no time.

3. Your device could be broken or stolen!

This can happen more frequently than you think. Your laptop or computer can be stolen or broken. What will you do when you’ll need the important information you stored in it? If you have a secure data backup, you can access your files from other devices from anywhere.

4. It is important to keep certain files safe and secure.

There are certain files and documents like legal papers, company documents, medical information, etc. which are extremely important. Hence, you need to keep this information safe. If you have it on your hard drive, the chances are that you might lose it. However, with a secure data backup, you can always access it from anywhere. Not only you, but you can pass the same information to your team and family also if they need to access it.

5. It will save you from the double work.

Backing up your data will save yourself from extra work! Say, by mistake you lose your data; you will have to rewrite the entire data all over again. But if you have a data backup, you will not have to do any extra work other than restoring your files.

What are the data backup options available to you?

  • CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Ray Disks
  • Clone Hard Drive
  • External Hard Drive
  • Remote Hard Drive
  • Online Storage Services like Dropbox
  • Professional and Secure Datacenters using rsync

While the first four options are not very suitable for company database backup, online storage services that are free of cost like the Google Drive or Dropbox are also not very reliable. Lots of service providers in Eastern Oklahoma rely on such services, which can turn out to be disastrous! The problem is that all businesses can see each other’s data while logging into their own online storage account if their service provider syncs all customers’ data into one account. So there is no privacy maintained. This can be dangerous at many levels. Your private information is open to all the other companies that are buying data backup service from that particular service provider.

So, why choose SPARK?

We at SPARK Services firstly, use rsync for backing up your data. Rsync is a facility for transferring and synchronizing files efficiently across computer systems by checking the size and timestamp of files. It is found on Unix-like systems and functions for file transferring and synchronizing. It is an algorithm type for delta encoding and uses the minimum network.  It is a very secure way to store data and uses SSH or stunnel for security.

Rsync works on command, on two different systems. For example, if the command rsync local-file user@remote-host:remote-file is run, rsync will use SSH to connect as a user to remote-host. Once it is connected, it will raise the remote host’s rsync. Then the two programs will control what parts of the file need to be transferred over the connection.

And we also store all our customers’ data in different dedicated accounts in our SECURE data center. So you can always be sure of its security and privacy.

Additionally, with SPARK, you will get the best customer service in the whole of Muskogee. We are a group of talented individuals who understand the importance of the web-world. We provide on-time services in other categories as well!

To know more about us, just take a look around on our website or get in touch with us!